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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Splatters from the Art Department!

Exciting things are happening with the Visual Arts in Cedar Springs!

Our district once again offers a comprehensive art curriculum to grades K through 12. With this expanded program our staff has expanded as well. We are pleased to welcome Jennifer Swift as our newest Art Specialist. Ms. Swift joins our district as the upper elementary and middle school art teacher while Ms. Burke has returned as our lower elementary art teacher. Helping Ms. Burke and Ms. Swift are Mrs. Mueller and Mr.Satore.

The overall theme of our K-8 art program is "I am a real artist." Our students will experience the habits, skills and techniques that develop their visual thinking by looking at art, talking about art and hands on art projects. There will be an emphasis on the visual language of the Elements and Principles of design, famous artists and art periods or styles.

Our Kindergarten through 3rd grade students begin their year by learning the special "magic" of how three colors can make all other colors. Color mixing is always an incredible experience and as our artists progress through the grades, they will acquire comprehensive color theory knowledge. Fourth and fifth grade students will use what they have learned about color and begin to apply it in a more purposeful way in their projects.

Sixth through eight grade artists have all been discovering new ways to activate the right side of their
brains. The right side of the brain stimulates creative thought, sees the bigger picture and allows us to create with less judgment and a more open mind. Students will explore blind and modified contour line, composition and effective eye path. Sixth grade artists will be making flip books. This is always a favorite!  Middle School students will be making exciting discoveries with watercolor and tempera paint.

For all the latest news and wonderful pictures of what our Cedar artists are up to check out our art web blog at and the Cedar Springs Fine Arts Facebook page.

Why your child need ART
  1. to develop vocabulary
  2. To develop perceptual skills
  3. To develop cognitive skills                                              
  4. To develop motor skills
  5. To connect subjects
  6. To create is to share their view of the world
  7. To learn the visual language of art
  8. To learn problem solving skills
  9. To develop creative thinking
  10. To find their place in the world
  11. All humans have an innate need to express and create

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